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I know you’re feeling super excited, so without a second’s delay, let’s see what we are offering with this amazing edition.

First, get pin-point accurate and detailed reports for your campaigns
Learn your leads behavior… understand their wants & needs to make 10 times more profits by making simple tweaks to your existing email marketing campaigns.

Get accurate analysis for every action and evaluate what’s going on with your campaigns and how they are performing at any given time. We made it very easy to analyze data with simple, yet beautiful graphs & pie charts.

You’ll see a detailed report about everything.

  • Track opens & click through rates
  • See what technology they are using.
  • Distinguish what devices they are using for opening their emails
  • Learn the geographical location of leads
  • Highest clicked link in your message with Link Activity
  • Check how many unsubscribe over time
  • Get complete information about bounced mails
  • And much more…
And this is just start of the story, Enterprise edition is a Premium version and has a lot more features in store for you. So, let’s go to the next feature
Get a crisp overview about lead templates created along with the number of unique visitors & conversion rates. You can also get details about the device and browser used by visitors.

You can even find out their geographical location and give them best offers suited to their needs.
Third, You Also Get Complete Web Form Statistics To Evaluate Their Conversions
Now, finding accurate details about the best performing web forms will be a cakewalk. You can easily find out what devices and browsers are being used for viewing.

Along with that, you can also understand in which parts of the world your emails are most read and which country’s audiences have had caught more engagement with your campaigns.
Fourth, Send UNLIMITED Emails Automatically When Someone Subscribes For Any Campaign
Prompt communication is the essence of today’s customer-centric marketing. You must think way ahead of communicating the right and best deals for your priced and highly sensitive customers.

Define autoresponder settings & engage customers with prompt communication. Send a series of personalized email messages to new leads at pre-defined intervals. It's like having your own dedicated sales team working for you around the clock. Whoa, isn’t this truly awesome!
Once you learn what is working for any list & giving you maximum profits, copy it and set autoresponder emails for months in advance for everyone who subscribes for that campaign. LeadPrimo Enterprise will work day and night for you on complete automation.

Yes, now you can send countless emails to your subscribers automatically. You can also send them newsletters, notifications and welcome messages whenever you want.
Fifth, You’ll Get 30 EXTRA Premium & Professional E-Mail Templates
Yes, we are leveraging you with a fantastic collection of professionally designed editable templates. It’s all super-handy and fun as you now have the power to monetize more from your list.

When you offer your list, amazing offers styled and fascinated, they are more likely to hang up to the offers, which means soaring profits for you.

These templates are beautifully designed and can be customized as per your brand and need.

And if you think we’re done, there’s something MORE to keep you amazed.
Sixth, 15 EXTRA PREMIUM Web Forms With Editor To Maximize Lead Generation
LeadPrimo Enterprise has been custom crafted to capture maximum leads for your business. So, we’re providing 15 EXTRA premium web forms that are hand-picked to capture maximum attention of subscribers and convert visitors into lifetime customers.
Seventh, Maximize ROI From Your Leads With CRM Integration
Now, you can easily integrate leads directly into your desired CRM in a hassle-free manner. For integrating CRM, you will need to insert the consumer key and consumer secret information in the fields and you are all set to integrate the CRM
Eighth, Effective Bounce Management
Bounced messages hurt your reputation badly, and lead to an increased spam score.

Not anymore. With this feature, you can get complete information about total bounced mails, along with how many subscribers opted to unsubscribe from your campaigns. In a nutshell, this feature will enable you to identify to whom you should send messages and keep the non-useful ones at bay.
Ninth, Share control of your dashboard to up to 5 team members
You can add up-to 5 team members to manage your campaigns according to their roles and what action they can perform in dashboard. You can also create team and assign roles and permissions to them.

All you need to do is click on the add new user tab and fill all the information including the name of the person, their email address and assign them specific roles and give privileges that you want to give to that person.
Let’s do a quick recap what’s INCLUDED in your purchase today…
First, you’ll get pin-point accurate and detailed reports for your campaigns
Valued at $2500
Second, you get complete statistics for your lead pages and find out how they’re performing
Valued at $2100
Third, you also get complete web form statistics to evaluate their conversions
Valued at $1800
Fourth, send UNLIMITED emails automatically when someone subscribes for any campaign
Valued at $3000
Fifth, you’ll get 30 EXTRA premium & professional e-mail templates
Valued at $2900
Sixth, 15 EXTRA PREMIUM web forms with editor to maximize lead generation
Valued at $2500
Seventh, Maximize ROI from your leads with CRM integration
Valued at $1600
Eighth, effective bounce management
Valued at $1300
Ninth, Share control of your dashboard to up to 5 team members
Valued at $1800
Total value - $19,500
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